Mobility Scooters

A range of Pavement, Boot and Road Mobility Scooters; All leading brands supplied at the lowest online discounted prices.

Pavement Mobility Scooters: Ideal for shopping trips and days out, and are designed to travel at 4mph on pavements and footpaths.

Boot Mobility Scooters: This type of scooter is also now as a Travel or Portable Mobility Scooter. A boot mobility scooter can be dismantled or assembled in seconds allowing you to transport the scooter in a standard car boot or hatchback. They have a top speed of 4mph and can be driven on pavements and footpaths.

Road Mobility Scooters: With a maximum speed of 6 or 8mph a road mobility scooter can be driven on either a pavement at 4mph or on a road at the higher 6 or 8 mph.  Fitted with bigger batteries a Road Mobility Scooter will allow the user to travel a further distance between re-chargeing the battery.

All our scooters come complete with batteries and charges, 12 months warranty and free mainland UK courier delivery.

Please contact Mobility 4 Less If you do not find the scooter make or model listed and we can source it for you.

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